Educational Services, Catholic Schools Office Diocese Lismore 

What I needed help with: The Catholic Schools Office Diocese Lismore is a long standing provider of school education to 45 Catholic primary and secondary schools across the North Coast. The Educational Services department needed a Design Thinking specialist who could help us create the conditions within which we could address the challenge of designing innovative learning environments at both centralised and local school leadership levels.


What Susanna did: Susanna designed and facilitated an experiential workshop that integrated Design Thinking mindsets, principles and practices with our educational and cultural context. We worked with Susanna to co-design the event, which focused on the application of collaborative communication techniques and how to accurately define a problem before over investing in the wrong solution.


The result: Susanna led our centralised strategic team through a series of activities that provided us with sufficient theory, shared understanding, time to fully identify and explore wicked challenges and an opportunity to turn learnings into action on live projects. Next steps include a combined Action Research and Human Centred Design co-lab learning series, innovation through ideation and project incubation at the local school leadership level.




 Manager, The Enterprise Lab at Southern Cross University 

What I needed help with: The Enterprise Lab is a startup hub at Southern Cross University, Lismore that activates future entrepreneurs to develop solutions to problems worth solving. We needed a design expert and facilitator to introduce

Design Thinking mindsets, tools and practices to leaders in the education, NFP, research and youth leadership sectors in order to support those working with youth related issues to amplify their impact.


What Susanna did: Susanna designed and facilitated a gamified, interactive educational event that combined presentation and experiential activities with case givers seeking feedback on live projects. The workshop brought together cross sector leaders with a shared commitment to impact and introduced them to communication skills that invited collaboration, innovative thinking and needed feedback to grow their impact on live projects.


The result:  Susanna provided all attendees with a theoretical understanding of Design Thinking, practices that they could take back to their professional environments and feedback that would advance the panelists' projects. The event was so successful, we partnered with Susanna to deliver future events, including with the Catholic Schools Office Diocese Lismore.





 Co-Founder, Foresight Lane 

What I needed help with: Foresight Lane is a futures and social innovation consulting firm working in the education, health and community building sectors. I needed Susanna's design, facilitation and coaching expertise to deliver a series of workshops and innovation labs to an education client in need of fresh thinking and a new school model.


What Susanna did: Susanna co-facilitated an accelerated innovation process that enabled students, teachers and school administrators to discover new insights, generate ideas and convert those ideas into experiments. She brought a particular expertise in integral mapping and metrics that served as a resource for assessing efficacy in rapid, iterative design cycles. Susanna also helped participants get their ideas pitch ready for school leadership and develop pilot testing plans.


The result: Susanna was an ideal collaborator on the project. Her participation as a thinking partner, co-facilitator and coach enabled us to bring strategic rigour to our processes AND infuse them with creative thinking and inventiveness.  




 Founding CEO, Creation Theory 


What I needed help with: Creation Theory is a design consultancy committed to sourcing solutions that provide roadmaps for life in the new economy. When the NSW Department of Industry called for solutions to youth unemployment, we responded with Hactivate, an online gamified vetting, educational and job placement app that incentivises disengaged, youth gamers to learn and earn in the digital economy. To win the contract, I needed a Human Centred Design specialist to research Hactivate’s desirability, feasibility and viability.


What Susanna did: Susanna's combined expertise in education and Human Centred Design data capture, mapping and synthesis directly informed our decision-making. She connected us with and interviewed digital industry leaders, facilitated observational ethnographic research, provided high level strategic thinking support and synthesised all the data so that we were able to define the right problem before asking government to invest in the wrong solution.


The result: Both the creative AND rigorous thinking that Susanna brought to the project led to our winning more than a quarter of a million dollars in government investment. Susanna is a strategic partner that opened up our thinking AND grounded our next steps so that Creation Theory could have real impact on alternative educational pathways for youth.




 Managing Partner, The Breakthrough Coach 


What I needed help with: At the Breakthrough Coach, we work with school principals and their secretaries to get leaders out from behind their desks and on the field coaching teachers to achieve greater outcomes for their students. To amplify our impact, we needed to invest in a recruitment and engagement strategy to grow our internal coaching team. 


What Susanna did: Susanna got inside our business and my head. She introduced us to service design and provided an approach to mapping multiple stakeholder experiences that allowed us to see the fullest picture of the recruitment, learning and engagement journeys.  We were able to recognise key leverage points and design an engagement experience that was particularly relevant for the kinds of people we wanted to recruit. 


The Result: Susanna's design expertise enabled us to build the infrastructure for hosting a gold standard, online leader body learning program for our coaching recruits. As a result, we're on target to deliver high quality coaching services at scale whilst providing a deliberately developmental learning experience that engages coaches and exceeds expectations.





 Regional Director, Country Health South Australia  

What I needed help with: Country Health South Australia (CHSA) is a local health network that provides high quality, safe and innovative health services to rural and regional South Australia. We procured international leadership consultancy, DCIC, to provide support in the design and execution of a capability building, Integral Leadership Program that would produce breakthroughs in management performance across the 4 pillars outlined in our Strategic Plan - Activity, Quality and Safety, Culture and Finance.


What Susanna did: Susanna was recruited by DCIC for her expertise in Design Thinking, Integral Theory and Communities of Practice. She worked with our internal CHSA project team to facilitate a co-design process that captured internal stakeholder perspectives, synthesised feedback, converged on the core problem and designed a subsequent solution that was innovative, in alignment with our intent and simple to implement.


The result: Susanna’s contribution enabled us to include the perspectives and creativity of our emerging leaders in the design of a strategy WE could own. The result is an effective, impactful, sustainable and engaging peer-to-peer learning transfer model that embeds best leadership performance practice across our organisation.





 Co-Founder & Vision Holder, Enlivening Edge 

What I needed help with: Enlivening Edge is a global media hub that also provides business advisory services in organisational transformation, grounded in the principles of Frederick Laloux's, Reinventing Organisations. We were contacted by the CEO of a health services organisation in the UK seeking support to scale one of their products in a deliberately developmental way.


What Susanna did: Susanna brought a unique blend of design thinking, integral theory and leadership development to our collaborative team. She supported the project by providing the client with meta perspective and systems thinking approaches amidst highly complex conditions. In particular, she harvested qualitative data from a multiplicity of sources, reframed strategic concerns and mapped synchronous perspectives in ways that enabled leaders to take informed action.


The result: Susanna's contribution to the field of organisational transformation is impressive. I am keen to amplify the impact of her work by introducing her to colleagues and inviting her to join the faculty of my other collaborative endeavours.





 Regional Manager, ACON Northern Rivers 

What I needed help with: ACON is the largest community based health promotion organisation in NSW specialising in HIV prevention, HIV support and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) health. I needed a design consultant with leadership expertise to co-design and facilitate a professional development day for our Northern Rivers team.


What Susanna did: The brief was to create a learning experience that would be strengths-based, relationship focused and ignite collaborative practices. From design to facilitation, Susanna generated the conditions in which we could enact our intentions. She introduced us to Human Centred Design, which included interviews and collaborative sessions that combined the wisdom already present in our team with her expertise.


The result: Susanna dynamically steered a co-creative process that both engaged and empowered our team. As a result, we are building a Community of Practice that embeds developmental learning and collaborative thinking into the workplace.

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