High Impact Leadership Series

November 19, 2018

SC Design supports leadership in the education, health and community building sectors by introducing Design Thinking tools, practices, principles and processes that build collaborative culture, solve complex challenges and innovate amidst disruption. The following article is the first in a series to feature high impact projects, the leaders driving them and how SC Design has provided value along the way...


Meet the leader: 

Todd Sotheren is the founder of Creation Theory, a Byron Bay, AU based design consultancy committed to sourcing solutions that provide roadmaps for life in the new economy. 


When the NSW Department of Industry called for solutions to youth 

unemployment, Creation Theory responded with Hactivate, an online gamified vetting, educational and job placement app that incentivises disengaged, youth gamers to learn and earn in the digital economy.


What Todd had to say:

To secure funding and win a contract with NSW Department of Industry, I needed a Human Centred Design specialist to research Hactivate’s desirability, feasibility and viability. I also needed a strategic thinking partner to help navigate the lean start-up terrain.


SC Design's combined expertise in education and Human Centred Design data capture, mapping and synthesis directly informed our decision-making.


SC Design connected us with and interviewed digital industry leaders, facilitated observational ethnographic research, provided high level strategic thinking support and synthesised all the data so that we were able to define the right problem before asking government to invest in the wrong solution.


Both the creative AND rigorous thinking that SC Design brought to the project led to our winning more than a quarter of a million dollars in government investment.


SC Design is a strategic partner that opened up our thinking AND grounded our next steps so that Creation Theory could have real impact on alternative educational pathways for youth.




Meet the leader: 

Tanya Egerton is the manager at Southern Cross University's Enterprise Lab, a startup hub at the Lismore, NSW campus that activates future entrepreneurs to develop solutions to problems worth solving.


What Tanya had to say:

We needed a design expert and facilitator to introduce Design Thinking mindsets, tools and practices to leaders in the education, NFP, research and youth leadership sectors in order to support those working with youth related issues to amplify their impact.


SC Design designed and facilitated a gamified, interactive educational event that combined presentation and experiential activities with case givers seeking feedback on live projects.


The workshop brought together cross sector leaders with a shared commitment to impact and introduced them to communication skills that invited collaboration,

innovative thinking and needed feedback to grow their impact on live projects.


We played an SC Design game called, Curiosity Cafe, whereby case givers presented their intractable challenges and feedback could only be provided in the form of a powerful question.


Participants learned that when questions were framed from a posture of genuine curiosity, the entire group lit up with energy and new possibilities. They also learned about the importance of spending time identifying the real problem before jumping into solution mode.


SC Design provided all attendees with a theoretical understanding of Design Thinking, practices that they could take back to their professional environments and feedback that would advance the panelists' projects.


The event was so successful, we partnered with SC Design to deliver future events, including with the Catholic Schools Office Diocese Lismore.


Next time, I will introduce you to more leaders in the Health and Education sectors and the high impact projects they care about. Until then...








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