Top 10 2019 Transformation Initiatives

December 26, 2019

According to writer, researcher and futurist, Zachary Stein, we are living in a “time between worlds.” The convergence of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the dawn of the Anthropocene and the cultural tension between modern reductionism and postmodern pluralism is amplifying the conditions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. 


Within this context, I choose to harness all of my talents, capacities and relationships in order to co-create an existence in which humanity is cognitively, emotionally, psychologically and functionally prepared to meet the challenge of this time between worlds.


The mission is to create the conditions for learning and growth so that a significant tipping point of humanity is fully equipped to respond skilfully to the challenge.


There are thousands of initiatives around the world contributing to this mission. Some are driven by researchers, educators, coaches and mentors, others by entrepreneurs, social innovators and regular folks who care. All are entering systems via access points where they are uniquely positioned for impact. The following article features my top 10, 2019 picks for learning and growth initiatives that are generating scalable, world wide opportunities for positive change. 


10. Path Retreats 

For drawing on transpersonal, psychodynamic and somatic psychology traditions to safely hold people on the journey of self inquiry; “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy


9. The Neighbourhood Effect

For building digital products that use behavioural science to make it convenient, financially rewarding, fun and social for Australian households and businesses to reduce their environmental impact; think “Fit Bit” for for the environment.


8. SHEO  

For taking a stand to facilitate radical generosity by connecting women with capital to women with great ideas so that together an ecosystem that supports, finances and celebrates female innovation is activated.


7. The Obama Foundation

For the wisdom to understand the distinction between horizontal and vertical learning, and for enacting the commitment to nurture both in tomorrow's leaders.


6. Action Research Plus 

For stewarding a transdisciplinary, knowledge co-generation platform that connects learning and research with action in order to address the most pressing complexity challenges of our time. 


5. Carnegie Melon Transition Design PhD

For progressing the discipline of design from making stuff and selling experiences into a transdisciplinary praxis that draws on theories of change, mindset transformation, futures thinking and new ways of designing in this time between worlds.


4. The Nordic Secret 

For reaching into the past to remind us in the present that long term investment in ego development generates exponentially positive outcomes for the psychological, cultural, social and economic well-being of society.


3. The Presencing Institute and U.Lab 

For integrating thousands of years of contemplative wisdom traditions with systems intelligence, leadership science and technology in order to offer a free, scalable learning pathway for achieving individual, cultural and systemic transformation.


2. Meta Moderna & The Listening Society 

For speaking to and on behalf of the emergent and for doing it in a way that embeds the dynamic interplay of sincerity AND irony into written artefact; “the Listening Society is an absolute triumph in speculative philosophy!” (hee, hee!)


1. The Yang Gang 

For sustaining a U.S. presidential race by, “Making America Think Harder,” and offering an alternative vision in which intrinsic human value is decoupled from extrinsic economic productivity. Thank you Yang Gang for injecting your rare but much needed version of sobriety AND joviality into America’s painfully polarised political discourse.


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