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Services Design

Bespoke, end-to-end, leader development

program design & delivery support that

enables you to fulfil potential in others. 

Business People

Service Design

Critical to leader development program success is the quality of relationships maintained throughout the learning journey,

Set conditions for transformational learning by investing in participants from the earliest point of contact to well after program completion.


Design every interactive touchpoint as an opportunity to mutually build trust, clarify intent, articulate expectations, & exchange value.

Program Design

Combine Human-Centred-Design with Action Research methods to design programs that deliver on your leadership framework objectives.

Embed emergent tools, technologies & practices from complexity science, developmental psychology, & systems thinking into your design.

Blend group learning, individual coaching, peer coaching & project-based action to 

build a high performance leadership culture.

Smiling Colleague
Professional Attending a Seminar

Program Delivery

Engage an expert trainer, facilitator, & coach who has already been involved with the end-to-end design of your leader development program.

 Experience the value & ease of working with a practitioner who deeply understands your context, conditions, relationships, & objectives. 

Leverage the trust, capabilities, & experience established in the design phase so that your programs have lasting, transformative impact.

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