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Transition Leadership Coaching

For those leading design and change processes, the transition from practitioner to leader calls for shifts in mindset and capability. Whether working within complex systems or consulting to them, making these shifts require investment in growing:

  • self & inter-relational awareness, 

  • an ability to negotiate power dynamics, and

  • the flexibility to BE curious when engaging with all kinds of feedback.


Some work hard for years to develop a sense of agency and influence, but still struggle with awareness, power and feedback, even when they have a seat-at-the-table. Others know this shift is coming and realise they must let go of old ways of doing, thinking and being in order to access something more from within.


Both cases require leaders to challenge core assumptions about themselves, others and the systems they participate in so that a more sophisticated leadership wisdom can emerge.

Transition Leadership Coaching is offered via three pathways to provide supportive and brave space in which either mature or emerging leaders can make the journey from what, to what - from the inside out...


LCP Debrief

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) is an integrated, 360 feedback framework that provides a detailed snapshot in time, enabling leaders to answer the question, “How are my behaviours and mindset enabling or constraining my ability to fulfil my intended developmental objectives in both personal and professional leadership contexts?”  


Engaging with the LCP helps to release locked energy associated with the hidden, core assumptions driving undesirable behaviours known to constrain leaders from being their most creative and adaptive selves. Its holistic approach is informed by Integral Theory, Developmental Psychology, Systems Dynamics, and a variety of praxis in the field of leadership science.


The LCP Debrief begins by selecting 15 evaluators to respond to a series of questions about the leader’s performance via an online portal. The leader also completes a self-assessment. The results are aggregated, benchmarked against a database of thousands of leaders, and translated into a profile report for collective review between leader and coach.


The LCP Debrief is facilitated via 2, 90-minute, one-to-one Zoom call.s The sessions are designed to enhance the leader’s understanding and interpretation of the profile report, as well as explore emergent patterns for growth based on the focus areas that matter most to the leader.



  • 1 LCP Profile, including set up support

  • LCP report review and synthesis

  • 2 x 90 minute LCP Debrief



  • 1-2 months

LCP Plus

LCP Plus includes the value of the LCP Debrief, plus an opportunity to work with the Shifting Horizons Developmental Assessment. The SHD is a self-assessment that gives leaders valuable insight into their own patterns of thinking and action, which can improve self-awareness, deepen reflection, and help to unlock a wider capacity for successfully dealing with the complexity of this world. 


The LCP Plus also includes 4 additional Transition Coaching sessions to explore the strengths and areas of stretch that will support the leader to achieve their goals. 


Susanna works with each leader to deepen the exploration of undigested psychological material that shapes identity structure and corresponding habitual behaviours in order to synthesise discoveries in preparation for action.

Once the LCP & Shifting Horizons debriefs are completed, 4 follow up coaching sessions are scheduled across a maximum four-month timeline in order to maintain the essential momentum for translating insight into action.


  • 1 LCP Profile, including set up support

  • LCP report review and synthesis

  • Shifting Horizons Developmental Self-Assessment Report

  • 2 x 90 minute Debriefs (LCP & SH)

  • 4 x 1 hour Transition Coaching Sessions



  • 6 months

Casual Mature Man

Patterns of Reinvention

Dana Carman, Joseph Friedman and Susanna Carman are research practitioners actively translating theory into practice by integrating Theory U, Vertical Development and Human Centred Design into a fresh approach for navigating this from what, to what transition territory. 


Together they have collated the patterns of reinvention of high impact leaders into a transition framework that reflects the dynamic, cyclical patterns of life - letting go and letting come, completion and renewal, death and rebirth.

The transition framework guides the coaching journey through 6 phases:


RECKONING - a 'deep dive' into current life context and career arc, from both an 'outside in' and 'inside out' perspective

REMEMBERING - a surfacing of undigested and unintegrated psychological material that occludes capacity to live in the moment from a place of curiosity and care

RESONATING a ‘lying fallow’ that gives space to palpable stillness in which compassionate presence is available

REIMAGININGa welcoming of creative forces that integrates past habits of mind and behaviour with emerging ways of being and doing

REINVENTINGa testing through experimentation that transforms deep insight into pragmatic action

REALIGNINGan aligning of the structures and patterns of the emerging self in current day and into the future


  • Shifting Horizons Developmental Self-Assessment Report

  • 12 x 1 hour Transition Coaching Sessions


  • 9 - 12 months

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