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Strategic Project


Purpose driven leaders of design, change, & transformation processes are tasked with solving wicked problems amidst increasingly complex & uncertain conditions.

Those who already have sophisticated mindsets & skills know that capability alone is insufficient to meet the challenge.

Strategic Project Design offers the benefit of having an experienced thinking partner by your side, as well as a fit-for-purpose toolkit supporting you to scale impact - every step of the way.

Thinking Partner

See the big picture & the fine details when responding to complex challenges so that solutions are desirable, feasible, & viable for all stakeholders.


For either internal or client facing challenges, receive the value of a thinking partner who understands your context, values, & core business.


Engage with liberating structures via consulting, coaching, facilitation, & training pathways that meet your unique, strategic requirements.

Business Smile

MetaImpact Framework by Dr. Sean, Esbjorn-Hargens

Strategic Toolkit

Engage with holistic research, mapping, & synthesis tools to identify, design, test, & implement sustainable solutions to complex challenges.


Save time, energy, & money by going beneath the symptoms to access the highest leverage points for influencing & leading change.

Develop your own strategic problem solving toolkit that draws from complexity science, systems thinking, foresight, design, & business analysis frameworks.

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